Dear all

Like everyone, we have been monitoring Covid-19 developments closely; and consulting frequently with our conference venue, the Royal College of Physicians (RCP) in London.

It is now clear that the Indie Summit cannot take place in May 2020, as scheduled.

Many similar conferences have postponed their dates until September / October. This was our first thought also. However, this is already a heavily demanded period for conferences and when we see numbers doubled, as events already scheduled begin to clash with events being newly re-scheduled, we realise that there will simply be too many events happening at the same time.

For example: the three major annual global PR agency conferences are now planned to happen in consecutive weeks. And indeed, the only dates in H2 2020 which the RCP was able to offer us, directly clashed with London’s “Advertising Week Europe.”

So we have decided to follow the path of the lawyers (specifically, the Global Advertising Lawyers Alliance) and move our event to H1 2021.

Subject to contractual agreement with our venue – and a reality check with our speakers, sponsors and other essential stakeholders – we will postpone the Indie Summit 2020 until May 26th and 27th 2021. Please save the dates!

If you are a speaker or sponsor OR if you have bought a ticket for Indie Summit 2020, we will contact you individually.

If conditions improve by September / October, we will resume our programme of live member events. These will be smaller than the Indie Summit, but they will be of equal quality.

For now, we hope you appreciate our webinars and our daily newsletter updates. If you are not receiving these and would like to, please email stephanie.fox@thenetworkone.com and we will add you to our mailing list.

For any other questions about the Indie Summit, please contact julian.boulding@thenetworkone.com.


The world of marketing and communications is changing as never before. The traditional agency holding companies are in long term decline. The roles of CMO’s and CCO’s are being questioned. Technology is driving an unprecedented fragmentation of the communications ecosystem. Change is happening faster than ever before.

But one thing has not changed: the agency which stays one step ahead of its clients is the agency which adds value and drives profitable growth for itself, as well as its customers, and their customers. The agency which is one step behind is condemned to a future of commoditisation, diminishing revenue and shrinking profits.

The Indie Summit is a unique experience: the only large scale global conference and networking event, exclusively for Owners, CEOs and Senior Directors of independent marketing and communications agencies.

It brings together agencies from all disciplines including creativity, advertising, public relations, media planning and buying and all forms of digital communications. Content is imaginatively chosen and curated, to provide a unique perspective on how the marketing and communications ecosystem is evolving- and where we are all going next.

* thenetworkone reserves the right to make alterations to The Indie Summit program content or venue.


Tuesday 25th May:

18.00 Welcome cocktail for all delegates, generously hosted by Moore Kingston Smith. A chance to meet your fellow delegates and catch-up with old friends

20.00 Curated Dinners: Enjoy dinner at a hand-picked selection of London’s most fashionable restaurants with personalised table plans to ensure you make new friends.

Wednesday 26th May 2021:

INDIE SUMMIT Conference: Day One

8.00: registration and coffee

8.45: Julian Boulding and Esther Carder, MKS London

9.15: Curtis Hougland, Mainstreet One, New York

10.00: Mathias Wikstrom and Johann Pihl, Cannes Grand Prix winners, RBK Stockholm

10.30 Coffee break

11.00: Marissa Orr, author of ‘Lean Out’, New Jersey - plus Q&A

12.00: Tobias Degsell, former Curator of Nobel Prize Museum, Stockholm

12.45 Lunch break

2.00: Paddy Loughman, Speaker for Extinction Rebellion, London

2.30: Sean Pillot de Chenecey, researcher and author of ‘Influencers and Revolutionaries’

3.10: speaker to be confirmed

3.25: sponsor presentation

3.30 Coffee break

4.00: speaker to be confirmed

4.40: Helene Blanchette, President, MyJane, Irvine USA

5.05: speaker on martech to be confirmed

5.30: close

7.00 for 8.00: Group Celebration Dinner

Thursday 27th May 2021:

INDIE SUMMIT Conference: Day Two

8.00: Coffee and networking

8.45: Julian Boulding plus guest

9.10: Stephen Maher plus client panellists:
- Helene Blanchette, fmr Global VP Marketing at Xerox; now President My Jane, USA
- Katie Dulake, GM Marketing Communications, Mitsubishi Motors, UK
- Nontokozo Madonsela, Group CMO, Momentum Metropolitan Holdings, S. Africa
- Tony Miller, VP Digital Marketing & CRM
2017-20, Walt Disney Company, EMEA

10.00: Lindsey Slaby

10.30 Coffee break

11.00: Rene Fischer, Partner, Synthesis Consulting Group, Lithuania

11.30: speaker to be confirmed

12.00: Ella Duda, International Strategy Director, Sixieme Son, London

12.30: Russell Goldsmith, Founder, Audere Communications, London

12.45 Lunch break

2.00: Dan Egerton, Founder, Actus Consulting, London

2.30: Spencer Gallagher, Author of Agencynomics and Founder, Cactus Consulting, UK

3.00: Arvid Axland, Co-Founder of Pool and author, Jakten pa Kanslan, Stockholm

3.30: Deborah Corn, Intergalactic Ambassador to the Printerverse, USA + guests

4.15: drinks and demonstration

5.00: close

5.00 conference ends

Networking opportunities

At The Indie Summit, networking and getting to know your fellow delegates is an important and enjoyable part of the whole experience.

Networking opportunities are plentiful, with a welcome cocktail and dinner, two group lunches, coffee breaks plus the stunning Celebration Dinner.

If you’ve been to an Indie Summit before, you’ll be sure to see some familiar faces, and if this you’re first time, you’ll leave with many new friends from around the world.